ESTA - Tourist & Business Visa

United States of America, one of the most popular countries in the world, is also one of the favorite destinations across the globe for travelers mainly for tourism and business. USA is the third largest country after Russia and Canada, where the places like Las Vegas, New York, Miami, Chicago and Hawaii needs no introduction. With 50 states inhabiting 350 million people, this country is a dream destination to almost all the travel enthusiasts for different reasons. Well, getting a VISA to USA is not easy due to a huge number of applications comes on daily basis in US Embassies across the globe. Thus, government of USA announced VISA Waiver Program for citizens of certain countries.

ESTA - VISA Waiver Program of US Government

ESTA VISA Application FormUnder this scheme, if you are a citizen of the that country which are in the list of waiver countries provided by US Government, you can apply for travel authorization online prior to your journey to USA and after authorization, you do not require any VISA to enter in United States. This online application system, which is called ESTA – Electronic System for Travel Authorization, was introduced by Department of Homeland Security, USA in November, 2008. This process has simplified the procedure for those travelers who frequently travel to US for different reasons.

There are 38 countries benefitted by this scheme of US Homeland Security where citizens of these respective countries can fill the ESTA form online and enjoy the benefits of travelling without US Visa, which is a cumbersome task.

USA ESTA Visa Application Form

Filling and applying ESTA online on time is very crucial if in case your travel is very important as this avoids the problem occurring after arrival in USA. Our customer support manager can guide you through the entire process to make your application process easy going. If you provide wrong information while filling up ESTA then you have to re-apply the same because you cannot correct them, so you have to careful while filling up the form. The best way is to review the complete form thoroughly once before final submission. Once you have applied ESTA online, you can relax and plan for your trip smoothly while your travel authorization comes.

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Check the ESTA guidelines carefully

  • Consider these points before applying ESTA Visa for America.

    To begin the process of ESTA Application, it is very important to check the guidelines provided by Department of Homeland Security, USA
    • You must be a national or citizen of the country, which is listed under VISA Waiver Programme (Check the list here)
    • You must ensure that you do not have a valid US ESTA, in that case, your application would be considered as invalid, you can apply to renew once it expires.
    • With US ESTA, you cannot stay more than 90 days in the country and that too either for the purpose of business or for the purpose of tourism.
    • You can apply ESTA VISA online for individual, partner, family and larger groups as well.
    • We will assist you professionally through the entire application process online for a smoother and hassle free approval.
  • Way to improve changes for USA ESTA Approval

    We can always help you to have the best chances for approval because we guide you through entire process and assist you at each step, which actually avoids the changes of non-approval (99 % of the cases gets approved). Hiring a professional team for your online application a better option rather than applying wrong, this creates complications and spoils the mood of the journey due to the hassles. We are a non-government agency providing best quality services to make sure you get your approval without any hassle. We have highly trained staff and native English speakers, which avoids any sort error possibility while applying for the same.
    There is an official website of Department of Homeland Security, US for this application where once can fill the form online but there are chances or error which can lead to disapproval of your travel authorization to USA. We would not suggest you to submit the application of your own when complete support us available for you just on a call. This ESTA Authorization for travel is only valid for two years after its approval from US Government. If you passport is expired in between then you have to again apply for fresh. If in case, you lose your registration number of ESTA you can retrieve the same without paying any extra cost, you just have to provide the asked details while filling ESTA retrieval form online.
  • Is ESTA required in case of transit in US, though not staying USA?

    Well, if you are landing in USA, you have to have ESTA Authorization. If you are from the VISA Waiver Country then you have to apply for the same – suppose you are have to go Canada via USA through a connecting flight, you need to show ESTA approval while transit. If you need more information, you can all us to our customer support numbers.
  • Time required for ESTA Approval

    ESTA Travel Authentication is online process, which can be completed and approved within few minutes of application as well but you have to understand that this is a government process for security and any slight issues may lead to rejection of your approval. This is important to have enough time to before your travel, at least 72 hours before the journey, so that if your application gets rejected, you may go to American Embassy and apply for VISA there manually. Usually we recommend to be ready with your application and get that approved well at least few months. A professional assistance always helps you to choose the right options and saves time and on the other side, it improves your chances of getting your application successfully registered and approved.
    After successful approval, you can visit US though any medium (by sea or air or road) within a period of two years. But it is important to understand that your final entry to USA will be based in the approval of Customs and Border Protection Authorities who will scrutinize you upon your arrival before the entry to US. ETSA Authorization does not guarantee your entry in USA though in most of the entry is permitted but depends on final discretion of the airport authorities.
  • What if 90 days period of ESTA Exceeds?

    If the time duration permitted by your travel authorization exceeds, you must apply for VISA – which can be either a residence VISA or a business VISA, then only you can extend your stay after 90 days.