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ESTA – Information and Instructions

What is ESTA Visa – Tourist Visa for America

United States is the biggest business travel destination, offers entry without a non-immigrant Visa to the citizens of 38 countries under its Visa Waiver Scheme to travel upto 90 days or less by issuing the pre-travel authorization online to the eligible applicant. Under this program which is announced on 03/June/2008 by the department of CBP United States to develop an automated online application system called Electronic System for Travel Authorization (ESTA) which is designed and developed after the recommendation of 9/11 Commission to protect the country against any possible terrorist attack by collecting the personal, biographic and citizenship information of the applicant prior to his travel which is cross checked by the CBP officials in two stages, in the first stage the details are checked provided by the applicant in their ESTA application form and if the CBP officials found anything suspicious then they do not authorized the application. 2nd is through the interview and verify the passenger’s ePassport at the United States Airport or Seaport to determine the eligibility by matching the details in the ESTA application provided by the applicant and check whether the applicant posses any security risk to the United States.

ESTA is mandatory after January 12, 2009 and its declaration is also necessary if any traveler enters via roadways without the green I-94W card. ESTA is not a Non-immigrant Visa, as the visa can only be issued by the United States embassy not by the CBP, you cannot use your ESTA for any other purpose then travel/business/transit. For any other purpose you are required to visit the United States embassy in your country and apply for the non-immigrant visa and if you have a valid non-immigrant visa then you are not required to apply for the ESTA.

An approval dose not guaranteed the enter, you may be denied for the entry even if you have prior approval, but this can only happen when you are hiding any information or provided wrong answer of any ESTA visa application question. So always submit your application with correct and updated details to not face any problem while entering to the United States.

Planing to apply for an ESTA

If this is the first time you are planing for the United States on the ESTA then you should carefully follow the process of filling the application. Before applying you should check some basic guidelines and requirements to make sure that you meet all the eligibility criteria. The first thing you should check the list of the countries listed under the VWP. If your country is not listed then you are not eligible and need to apply for the Visa. Your stay should be less then the 3 months. And you can only visit for the trade and travel.

If you found yourself eligible for the above conditions then go ahead and apply. You can also apply for you partner, children or for a group, this is not possible in the Visa process. The maximum time is 72 hours in which you get the status of your ESTA application but still its always recommended to apply your ESTA as early as possible even if your travel date is next month so that you have enough time to apply for the U.S non-immigrant tourist visa in any condition as the United States embassy and consulate do not offer any express service for the standard visa. You need to apply for the interview appointment which normally takes 10-15 days.

After getting the approval by the Embassy or the approved ESTA which is valid for 2 years, still the entry in the United States will be finalized after the verification by the Custom Border Protection officer. So always keep in mind the limitation of ESTA which dose not guarantee the entry if the CBP is not satisfied or you have answered anything wrong. This is a very simple process which is followed by each country, so do not get confused or afraid.

One main thing you should consider that is the maximum time limit of stay in one entry, if you are planing for the long stay which is equal or more then the 91 days then you have to apply for the Visa.

ESTA is applicable on all age group, so there is no special formalities, rules and conditions need to be followed for the children or infants. All applicants should hold a valid epassport.

Procedure to fill-up the USA ESTA Tourist Visa application for instant approval.

The first thing to do before submitting your details is to take your passport handy to avoid any mistake in passport number as if you have entered the wrong passport information in the US visa application then you need to follow the complete procedure again from the start. Always review your application before submitting, the main thing you need to check is your personal details, biographic information and the questions asked.

Always provide the correct information and if you have any question then our English speaking staff is always available to help you with any problem you are facing. Our support team is available to solve each problem you are facing, if you have misplaced your ESTA then you can contact us we will send you instantly on your email, smart phone even if you have forgot your application number, your US tourist visa number or you don’t know the apply date. We are always available to support you for 2 years.

Know your ESTA expiration information

Before applying you must know the expiration date of the authorization, in the normal condition its valid for two years, in this two years you can travel multiple times to the United States without renewing it. But don’t forget you cannot stay more then three months as this much amount of time is fare enough to for a complete family holiday or multiple business meeting. After the given time period you must leave for your country or you will be permanent barred for the Visa Waiver. You can revisit United States any time as there is no time limitation is defined between your trip.

Check your VWP Countries

Czech Republic

New Zealand
San Marino
South Korea
United Kingdom